Justice, Where Are You?

Gary “Sundance” Clay
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What the Heck is Going On?Can Things Get Any Worse?I AM SO DANG MAD, Good Thing I Don’t Curse! 

Black Youth Are Dying,Black Parents Are Enraged!From Slavery to Now,It’s Just a Different Stage! 

America the Beautiful,We Made It Great!OUR Blood, Sweat, and Tears,So, Let’s Get That Straight! 

Make It Great Again,What Does That Even Mean?Lady Justice, Maybe A Lady,But Clear Justice Sure Ain’t Clean! 

She’s America’s Epitome of Fairness,Carries a Scale and a Sword.We Don’t Want to Admit It,For some, Justice is ONLY a Word. 

She Wears a Blindfold,But I Know She Can See.She Seems Systematically Biased,In America, Ain’t I Free? 

A Black Man Takes A Knee,As a Protest During a Song.His Future and Career Get Wrecked,Isn’t That a Little Wrong?!

 Fifty Years Before,Two Men Stood Tall with Raised Fists.The Olympics Were Forever Changed,Unfortunately, They Got Dismissed!

 How Many Times Have Some Cried Wolf?Stating That a Black Man Did a Deed.10 Years, 20 Years, or Dealing with Death,He Never Did It and Should’ve Been Freed.

 Trayvon, Garner, Brown, and Gray,Just to Name a Few.Now Floyd, Ahmaud, and even Ms. Bland,Emmett Till, Knew This Too. 

Look, Everyone Makes Mistakes,We Just Want a Fairness of Complexion.Lady Justice Please Stand Up,And Give Us ALL the Same Protection. 

From the White House to the Poor House, Insensitivity Has Had a Rededication.Deceit and Racist Rhetoric,Will Never Build a Nation.

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4 thoughts on “Justice, Where Are You?

  1. This does Not look like the original lay out. Why isn’t the writer picture next to the poem? 🤔🤔🤔 smh

  2. I know this writer/poet. It’s a shame that the poem was not published so that it looks like a poem. The presentation style takes away from the purpose. It should have the title and author, then each stanza.
    Best Wishes

  3. “Tearing another black man down’? What an absurd thing to say. The publication has the right to publish material in its standard format and writers don’t get to approve what the publication chooses to publish.

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