“In other words, some public school officials would rather tear down vacant school buildings than let them be used by charter schools.”

–Thomas Sowell, Author

“Charter Schools and their Enemies”

     Make no mistake about it.  There is a continuing war escalating between parents and those in charge of public education.  Parents want to see their children receive the best education possible, even if they have to do it themselves.  Public school officials in some cities and states would like to maintain their ‘clout’ over public education and children, by NOT allowing the viability of other education options.

      The parents are still the ultimate authority over the education options for their children…NOT the state.  Thus, should they decide to select an option which does not involved public education for the betterment of their child’s future moral, social and economic success, their right to do so should be praised—not ridiculed by those who are in the public education ‘mafia’.

      Of course, for parents to make an intelligent choice involves getting the best type of information available.  If one wants the latest up-to-date information available on the ins-and-outs of the Charter school movement, then a work by famed economist and columnist Dr. Thomas Sowell, entitled: “Charter Schools and their Enemies” (2020, 276 pages, Basic Books/Hachette Book Group).

      “Students who emerge from their education with a mastery of mathematics, the English language and other fundamentals are ready to be those kinds of (successful) people, regardless of what color or class they come from.”

–Thomas Sowell, Author

      This book brings much-needed ammo to the Charter schools fight with plenty of charts, facts and success stories to support Dr. Sowell’s belief in this education alternative.  It is his belief that IF the public education monopoly would get out of the way, a solid education alternative would be allowed to function.  Sowell, a Senior fellow at the famed Hoover Institution, Stanford University, gives the reader six well-written chapters on this issue, loaded with information to encourage parents in this education option.  Chapters include: “Accountability”, “Hostilities” and “Student Differences”.  More data on test score comparisons are in the Appendix section of the book.

      Sowell makes it clear that many in the professional education establishment may not be happy with the Charter schools movement, but it is a movement that is here to stay.  This book is available at your local bookstore, or from your favorite electronic book seller.

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