Mary Hill Johnson

Mary Hill Johnson, school administrator, educator, teacher of mathematics and science for over 30 years, and author, is the president of Complex Associates, Inc. Comptex is a nonprofit organization that operates Success and Math Learning Centers in the Melwood Shopping Plaza in Prince George’s County, Maryland a similar special tutoring facility in the District of Columbia. Dr. Johnson’s students refer to the facilities as “Math in the Mall”. She also is the director o f Frank W. Ballou Mathematics Science Technology Academy. The Academy is an autonomous charter school within a school in the District of Columbia school system. It provides college bound student an academically rigorous curriculum in mathematics, science, computer science and foreign language.

Dr. Mary Johnson and her family opened the teaching and learning centers when she realized some student needed extra help and encouragement that they were not getting in their own schools. She opened the first tutoring school in Melwood Shopping Mall in 1990. At first, she supported the project with her own funds. She said, “I could relate to their fear and dislike of math, as a child I had much more interest in writing stories and poetry than working out a math or geometrically problem.” Mary Johnson and her family receive credit for boosting Washington’s number of Merit Scholars and helping hundreds of students prepare for standardized tests including the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), after opening their first center.

In addition to operating the learning centers, for a modest fee, Dr. Johnson and her family also offer free workshops at the centers and at churches in Prince George’s County and throughout Washington, D.C. area to help and guide parents through the college preparation process. Johnson says their giving comes from love. Her family maintains a tradition of giving.

Mary Johnson, a native of Norfolk, Virginia and a Washington area educator, over 30 years, and a volunteer with inner city youngsters, was fortunate “to be turned on to math” at an early age by a caring teacher, with a lot of patience, who showed her the challenge in mastering math problems. In 1956, she received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Virginia State College, Petersburg, Virginia and in 1965, a Master of Education in Mathematics from Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virginia. In 1978, she earned a Doctorate in Education from the University of Maryland in College Park.

Dr. Johnson began he career as a math teacher and taught in several D.C school before becoming and administrator in the same school system. In 1986, she was coordinator of the Mathematics and Science Initiative; in 1989, the director of Special Programs; in 1990, the director of Math, Science and Technology Initiative; and 1993, the executive assistant of Cluster II. She also serves as a lecturer for Howard University in the School of Education and as a consultant to the University of the District of Columbia in Allied Health Opportunities.

Mary Johnson is also an author. She and family have published numerous self-help instructional guides. Dr. Johnson was inspired too write a book about morals for children as she and her family were volunteering at a homeless shelter in Washington, D.C. Johnson notice that the kids had so many deficits. Her book, You are Special: A Child’s Guide to Successful Living, has puzzles and other activities designed to foster morality and thinking skills. Johnson’s book was in its second edition in 1995. The Johnson’s family publications recommend tips that they used to guide all five of their children through college and into professional jobs.

Mary Johnson lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland with her husband, Dr. Eugene Williams, Sr.