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One of my favorite war flicks is 1949’s “Battleground”. In brief, the film deals with the fictionalized adventures of a segment of the famed 101st Airborne Division during WWII. The 101st suffered great losses and hardships holding a city by the name of Bastogne until help arrived. The film’s climax comes as the surviving members of the unit were finally relieved, and got their orders to retire from the fighting.

As they were marching out, in the distance, they could see a new outfit of fresh troops marching towards them. The old Sarge (James Whitmore) tries to get his battered and bruised troops to remember how to carry themselves as soldiers in order to inspire the new troopers on their way to the fighting. PFC Holley (Van Johnson) gets the tired soldiers to ‘pep their step’ by reminding them of some of the cadences they chanted marching INTO their first battles as they were coming out of basic training.

That did the trick. After a few ‘Jodies’ the soldiers got their second wind; found their energy and recovered their pride…marching smartly past the new troops, and onward to retool for a new assignment. The moral of the story? It sometimes takes more energy and drive to march OFF of a battlefield, than it does to march ONTO one.

Marching off smartly–though battered and bruised–means that you have seen the fighting, experienced it and may have lost buddies on the field–or even gotten wounded yourself. You know that you have been in battle and survived, and after the battle you want to encourage the new soldiers to ‘stand tall’ during their time on the battlefield.

I don’t have to ‘fill in the blanks’ as to what we have seen and experienced here on our duty station, known as ‘Planet Earth’ over the last few years. It’s no exaggeration that the Christian army has been battered and bruised. We’ve seen the saints hunted down, persecuted, martyred and murdered for their faith. It seemed as if we were heading down for the third count, in many corners of the world.

Then God had enough. Along came the Wuhan Virus–a pestilence which has no answer–yet. Happening in China–a land where persecuting Christians, tearing down churches and re-writing the Bible to reflect the ‘godlikeness’ of the Communist Party drew His undivided attention.

The result? The world has–literally–shut down. It was living fallen. Now, it can’t get up.

Think of it. In a matter of days, a variety of sins that Christians had warned the world about over the course of time–and have paid a heavy price for such warnings–have stopped in the name of survival. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer have replaced sports and entertainment as ‘the must things’ to have. Schools and colleges have shut down, thus ‘pulling the plug’ on a variety of protesters, complainers, and ‘snowflakes’. Churches have closed out of fear and government health edicts as saints are discovering that the church may be closed–but the Bible is always open. ‘Fake News’ is being swept aside as men and women want to hear some true, good and comforting news.

The world has been waylaid by its own colossal pride, greed, ignorance, with a pestilence thrown in for good measure. Think of it. Many of the ‘hotspots’ have developed–just in the United States–out of blatant arrogance. The young not wanting to be ‘robbed’ of a good time on the beaches of spring break; nor party goers being turned away from Mardi Gras time in the Big Easy. Guess who were seen showing up with Wuhan Virus problems, H’mmm? Right. Nothing like shaking your fist in the face of God–and reaping the whirlwind.

In spite of all that we have seen, there are some upsides to this pestilence. Parents are getting to see the REAL impact that public education has had on their children, as they ‘shelter in place’ at home. Employers that have been robbing their employees of just wages now are shut down for a while. Even a clear distinction between Democrat and Republican can be seen based upon the ‘power grabs’ that have been made for the ‘sake’ of public health and economic recovery.

The great news? The world is looking over the horizon for the battered forces of the Christian army to march in with the Good News and a firm demonstration of the hope that we have within us.

What’s that you say? They ARE looking for us. As sure as I’m clicking these keys, those who have abused, dismissed, and thoroughly beat us down; imprisoned, tortured, and murdered many of us NOW are slowly starting to realize two things: 1) God is serious about what He has to say in the Bible about sin, and; 2) The REAL Christian army has gotten their second wind, recovered their ability to march on smartly and is on the march WITH the truths of scripture.

There are plenty of new relief troops, as many will find Christ during this dark episode of the Wuhan Virus, economic chaos, and government double-dealing. New troops will be coming in by the truckload; far away from the glare of the cameras and negative talking heads. A different kind of ‘wokeness’ is coming over the horizon; it’s called another Great Awakening.

Saints, one key question: Are you ready to help these incoming new troops?

Remember, it is the duty of each battle-hardened saint to be available to train the ‘new recruits’ in the ways of battle; in the manual of arms called the KJV Bible. This is no time for the veteran soldiers of the Christian army to quit or go on strike. It’s time for us to call out our cadences from the KJV Scriptures and march out to meet the challenges that are NOW facing us.

The old Sarge and Kinney–and a great cloud of witnesses–will be marching along with us, as we head out for a new assignment. This battle for souls won’t be called until the Captain of our salvation, Jesus Christ himself, calls us back to headquarters.

Christian soldiers: Keep on fighting and marching! This battle is FAR from over!

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer, P-School Ranger, Modern Street Gangs Specialist and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. “The Ramey Commentaries” is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace. To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same: ©2020 Barnstorm Communications.


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