I’m going to warn you up front—this is going to be a HOT column!

     Those who are quite proud of their sexual branding—those who actively practice and identify as sodomites (gay), Trans (Transvestites), Bi (Bisexuals) and other letters of the ‘alphabet mafia’ have seemed to forget two crucial things: The first thing: God.  The second thing: Competence.  It is one thing to ‘cling’ to pride in your ‘alphabet’.  It is quite another to be competent at what you do outside of your bedroom.  Furthermore, it is a shame when those who are with the ‘alphabet mafia’ are hostile to those who question their capabilities and don’t agree with their sexual sins.

     I’ve noticed that those who are in elected (or appointed) offices, who ‘revel’ in their being able to check the boxes for their preferred sexual orientation and liberal belief system fail miserably when people demand accountability of them in their jobs.  The ‘tolerance’ they ‘claim’ to desire for themselves, they eagerly will not give to others.  Consider these few examples:

     *According to published reports, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is married to a woman and proudly identifies with being a female sodomite (lesbian) has done little to curb crime, boost the standard of living, nor deal effectively with gang members and rioters in the Windy City.

     *According to published reports, a (former) member of the Biden administration, the Transvestite (non-binary, transgender) Sam Brinton lost his cushy government job because of his being involved in allegedly stealing luggage not once, not twice, but three times.

     *According to published reports, another prominent Biden administration cabinet member by the name of Pete Buttigieg, who is a male sodomite (gay man) started his term as Transportation Secretary by taking a two-month family leave with ‘his husband’ (another gay man) while the country was suffering through a supply chain crisis.  In 2023—on Buttigieg’s watch—ALL the nation’s air traffic was grounded because of computer issues at the FAA (which is under his department.

     *Last—but not least–according to published reports, yet another prominent Biden administration staffer, Karine Jean-Pierre, who is a female sodomite (lesbian), has a female domestic partner, and is the first Black and gay person to serve as Press Secretary, has been involved in a running competency war with an African man by the name of Simon Ateba, the White House reporter for “Today News Africa”.  Ateba has been disrespected by Jean-Pierre because he won’t ‘roll over’ and ask ‘softball questions’ of the Biden administration.  Ateba has NOT been called on by Jean-Pierre for some four months.  To make matters worse—it has been reported that she won’t even MEET with him until 2024. 

     Could it be her ‘secret’ rage against this Black man is because homosexuality is NOT tolerated throughout much of Africa?  (Remember: BOTH the Obama and Biden administrations have been trying to ‘force’ homosexuality into Africa—and many nations there continue to resist their indoctrinations.)  Think my view is extreme?  Watch how Jean-Pierre treats Ateba versus other White House correspondents of other races at press conferences.  In fact, watch how any of the ‘alphabet coven’ treat regular people—especially those who name the name of Jesus.  It is not a pretty sight.  Their ‘tolerance’ goes right out the window—along with their competence.

     Black folk had better wake up and get back to taking these members of the ‘alphabet coven’ on.  Spiritual problems call for spiritual solutions.  It makes little sense for us to claim that we are God’s people when some of those among us have drunk the world’s ‘Sinneraide’ and they go through out communities unchecked; smiling as they collect our votes, money, and ‘praise’ for their immorality.  Even in our churches.

     Seems like ‘Black and proud’ has transitioned over to ‘Black, weak and silent’.

     As I wrap this column up, I’d like to remind all of us that this is not new.  Further, such interactions will NOT get better.  The KJV Bible itself holds that in the last days, perilous days shall come, mainly against the righteous as they interact with those who are unrighteous and love to flaunt their sins before the world.  The alphabets have their own righteousness and are quite comfortable in their sins.  Christians must not only pray; they also need to watch where they spend their money and votes and not empower those who flaunt their sins.  The prophetic clock still ticks, and tomorrow is not promised.  There WILL be a ‘payday someday’.

      Mike Ramey is a Retired Minister, KJV Bible Teacher, syndicated columnist and Bible Prophecy Specialist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Quick Scan” is one of a variety of his columns appearing and abounding in print and cyberspace, written from a biblical, business, and common-sense perspective since 1996.  To drop him a line—or a whine—the address is still the same:  ©2023 Barnstorm Communications International.


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