“Prayer is far too often the LAST thing that people—even those who know better—bother to try!”

–Pastor Chuck Smith

     IF one wants to be successful in home, business, or the workplace, they must read and heed the rule book.  For those who claim the name of Christian, our rule book is the KJV Bible.  Whatever paperwork and manuals come AFTER the Bible may have rules attached to them and are merely meant to fall into line with the materials already outlined in the Scriptures.  IF one does not have a solid foundation, when the winds of adversity blow—and blow they will—a solid foundation will do wonders for keeping a person steady in their finances, their attitude and their outlook on life, even if by some turn in circumstances they lose everything.

     Attitude IS important.  But the foundation to shape a proper attitude rests in the rule book one makes the active choice to follow. A recent study showed that in some 12 percent of the people studied, ability led to their success.  In the remainder of those involved in the study, it was found that more than 80 percent had achieved success because of their attitude.  What does this mean in plain English?  A positive attitude will do more for a person’s success than ‘actual skills’ in the field.  Should the results of the effort turn negative, a person with a good attitude will quickly recover, see a better opportunity, and move out to meet it.  

     Honest and heart-felt prayer by those who are truly connected to God have proven time and time again THE factor leading to success.  Study after study have found that one’s prayer life has a direct impact on their health; their ability to handle stress, their ability to be sustained in tough times (which is where we are now, in case you have not noticed) and their ability to encourage others who may be down.  The caveat though: for one to pray to God and expect an answer, one must be connected TO God through the way stated in His rule book.  Connection to God ONLY comes through a firm relationship with Jesus Christ.


     Just as America took several years to rebuild after 9/11, it WILL take time to rebuild after the ravages of the Wuhan Virus.  In this ‘social media age’, a few ‘clicks’ will NOT get one a quick solution to the issues which plague them.  Business and job losses caused either by the virus, by rioting, or by other causes such as bankruptcy or layoffs/furloughs are not going to be coming to a quick end.  Rapidity in texting does NOT mean that one is truly active in prayer, let alone connecting to the ‘main power supply’ of prayer, that being God Himself.

     How SHOULD one pray?  It rests with the KJV Bible.  There are more than 400 prayers prayed by various individuals in both the Old and New Testament Scriptures, including the prayers of Jesus Christ Himself.  The most well publicized by the Lord?  The prayer contained in The Gospel of Matthew 6:9-13 and briefly in Luke 11:1-4 Now, there are some who may see ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ as the ‘be all’ in prayer.  It is merely a model as to how one should carry themselves when approaching God with their requests and needs.

     Prayer is intended to be BOTH stationary and mobile, depending upon the situation.  Two boys were walking in the woods when they happened across a large grizzly bear.  One of the boys suggested to the other: “We should pray that this bear pass us by!”  The other boy suggested: “We ought to pray and run that the Lord give us strength to get away from this bear!”

     Be aware of one key fact: Your life and well-being—at some time in life—may rest upon a prayer that you either HAVE prayed or are ABOUT to pray.

     There are a variety of provisos attached to prayer.  One must pray in the right way, in the right spirit, with the right motives and desire.  This too is contained in the Scriptures.  The range of provisos run from unconfessed sin in one’s life up to and including a man mistreating his wife or a woman refusing to submit to her husband’s leadership in the home.  

     God does NOT honor the prayers of rebels of any kind.  You must be an upright pray-er!

     You have a teen, and that teen has a friend.  The friend of your teen comes to you and asks for the keys to your car.  Of course, you are going to say NO!  Why?  Because the friend of your teen is not subject to your rules nor is your responsibility.  However, if YOUR teen comes to you and asks for the car keys, you will more than likely grant their request, as this is YOUR child who is subject to your rules and responsibility.  God does NOT have stepchildren, cousins, or distant relatives.  He has children who are willingly connected to Him by faith in Jesus Christ.

     Again, one must be an upright pray-er–connected to God who is our true source!


     Then, there is another reality.  Prayer is a two-way event.  IF you are properly connected to God, when you send prayers up, you MUST take the time to listen for His response.  One cannot treat prayer as if you are reading a list into a Dictaphone expecting some secretary to type up a list to submit to another office.  One must bow their spirit to the Lord in humility, treat Him with respect and honor, and pray in the name of Jesus based upon your relationship with Him.  THEN await an answer to our supplication to the Lord WITH thanksgiving—a joyous receipt of the answer either before it arrives, or, as it arrives.

     At this point, many who are not familiar with prayer are seeing my words with difficulty.  After all, what do prayer and economics have in common?  Well, when you are doing things in the KJV Bible way (realizing that God is your source and Lord instead of your ‘red cap’ or bellhop), you develop patience, obedience and perseverance.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  He can see down the dusty trails of tomorrow, and around the corner into next week at the same time.

      His people are benefited by prayers unto Him, in the name of Jesus.

     What then?  Sometimes, His best answer for us is a firm NO, as God’s delays are meant to develop our inner spiritual strength as we await what He has for us…as his best is on the way.  Sometimes, His best answer to our prayer is a firm WAIT, as the Lord is getting things into position for either your blessing or your deliverance.


     *Had a good friend who worked in a company where layoffs were taking place.  Of course, he kept in prayer throughout the ordeal.  One morning, his boss called him in.  My friend squared his shoulders and prepared for the worst as he met with his supervisors.  By the end of the meeting, my friend has been informed that the company had created a brand-new division!  It seemed that because of his past work performance, he was among the first employees who were considered for placement in this new section of the company that would be coming into reality in a few months.

     *Let me hop up on the table.  During one bout of unemployment, I had been looking for a job.  One came across my path.  The catch was that there were ONLY 30 openings, and more than 300 had applied.  I had NO experience in factory work, but I kept up the prayers.  I walked in God’s favor.  I not only got the job, but when another job arrived in the company I was immediately transferred to that job in the same plant.  I was told ‘through the company grapevine’ that the front office liked to have me around because I had a good attitude and solid people skills; qualities which they valued and needed in their shop.

     *Dr. George Washington Carver was a fixture at Tuskegee University.  He was brought to that famed institution at the request of Booker T. Washington.  Both men were solid Christians and were firmly connected to God.  At one time, Thomas Edison offered Dr. Carver the opportunity to come to work for him at a substantial increase in pay and visibility.  Carver turned Edison down, citing: “God wasn’t through with me yet at Tuskegee!”  At a time when our people need REAL Black history, go back to the saints of the former days to produce the latter rain for today.

     Finding it difficult to see your way through these pandemic times?  Lost your company or job?  Turn on your ‘prayer light’ with God through the ways outlined in His Word.  You might be surprised that God isn’t through with you yet, as He can make a way out of no way.  The Gospel of John, chapters 3, 9 and 14-17 in the KJV will give you all the foundation that you need to know and understand to get connected to God, and how to have Him go before you to lead you through your valley to the next level of opportunity and service He has for you.

     As we close our time together, a wise Black man passed on this saying to me during a speech years ago.  I’ve repeated it often in my writings: “A setback is a set up for a comeback!”  Keep ‘em flying and we’ll get together next time, with a lot more to come.

     Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer, P-School Ranger, Modern Street Gangs Specialist and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Bible Economics Line” is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  ©2020 Barnstorm Communications International.


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