An Elder Must TEACH! By Mike Ramey

The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the grey head.

In my office, I have a sticky on my wall with the following: “Blissful Ignorance; Willful Ignorance, Deliberate Ignorance. Any one could get you hurt!”

It has been interesting of late to hear the rising number of white people being ‘caught’ sporting ‘black face’ in their youth; many of them card-carrying liberals as adults. Folks of the lighter hue keep getting caught in the bear traps of their OWN PC design! Funny thing is, many of these same people–behind closed doors–represent political views that have deceived, killed and maimed Black folk for a number of decades.

God has a way of humbling people. Especially people whom He has allowed to gain power; be it economic, academic, or political. God does raise one up, and set another down. He has no respect of persons. Sometimes, his BEST weapon is to give people the power that they crave, to show them off to the rest of the world as fools. One can not expose someone else’s wrongs–and get off for doing the SAME wrong!

Remember the classic 1943 flick, “Casablanca” with Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains? Rains–who is the head of the local police force–has to shut down Bogart’s club. The charge that Rains picks is ‘gambling’. The line he uses is even funnier, IF I may paraphrase: “I’m shocked, SHOCKED to find out there is gambling going on!” Of course, when the waiter brings Rains his winnings IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RAID, he quickly puts them in his pocket, and continues with the raid.

Black folk, what we have been witnessing should not shock us. Those who have been committing these acts have been counting on our silence, our dollars, our traitors, our votes AND for us NOT to have the courage to rebuild our OWN village on its godly, founding principles. In far too many cases, we have been anxiously siding with the oppressors–with horrifying results!

We need–as a village–to get wise, regain our racial pride, and shut this garbage down!

We can’t continue to allow for our deliberate ignorance to allow the freaks to come out in broad daylight and disrespect us. If we don’t exact a price for such disrespect immediately, it means that we are saying to OUR youth: “It’s OK for some to make fun of people of color…EVEN during Black History month!” The oppressors of our race have more in their closets. What will the Blacks among them say when THOSE doors open?

Ramey, a Minister, syndicated columnist and book reviewer is the author of “An Elder Must Teach” and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. To correspond, drop him an email at © 2019 Barnstorm Communications.


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