I usually attempt to put forth a Black History Month column annually for one simple reason: I am Black History.  How can I make a statement such as this?  Anyone of African descent who is over the age of 50 has reached the age of elder status, meaning that they have seen enough, done enough, and learned enough to be counted as a resource to the next two generations behind us.  While some of our youth would think our achievements to be ‘historical’, those of my age group would just praise God and count our accomplishments as our ‘reasonable service’ to our God, and our people.

      I also write this column as there are people who ‘get upset’ when they approach yet ‘another’ Black History month…but somehow don’t get that upset when the Alphabet Mafia uses Black folk to ‘give cover’ to the problems in their OWN neighborhoods and families.  Somehow, we of the darker hue never seem to see the folk who are against Black History turn thumbs down on the ‘rise’ of the ‘other’ history months through the years.  We can’t have anything for ourselves?

      I also write this column to challenge the annual elimination of Black men from consideration as ‘relevant’ to the survival of the Black home, the Black church, and the Black race.  Where did we get this ‘gumption’ from? Black History.  For, as one sage has put it across many time zones and color lines: “If you know your history; if you understand where you have come from…you have a marker as to where you are liable to be going.”

      This is the right kind of Black History that is needed in our present day.  Not the ‘woke’ variety of Black achievement:  Not the made up ‘Kwanzaa’ historical footnotes that ‘showed up’ just a few decades ago.  I’m talking about REAL Black History that made it possible for the young men of today to stand on the shoulders of Black men from the past—Black brothers who sacrificed in the face of recession, depression, REAL racism, and ostracism.  Young Black men—and women—who are out in the streets and suites trying to get out their number two pencils and erase our achievements (spurred on by the Alphabet Mafia who cheer their ignorance) and magnify our defeats don’t have a true clue as to who THEY are, or WHERE they come from. 

      First, the BEST source of Black History is contained in the historical record of the King James Bible.  The Egyptians were not the only ‘stop’ in the expansion of the Hebrew nation.

     Further, many of the REAL Black heroes of days past had a FIRM connection to Jesus Christ.  That’s right…Booker T. Washington, Dr. George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass the 761st Tank Battalion, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Negro Baseball League and 1776 Unites all had a root in that same KJV Bible that Antifa, BLM, the World Economic Forum and the socialists would—and have–mocked and burned over the past few years.  Again, the reason I lift up God is simple.  IF God is on your side, and you are on His side—you will achieve the right things.  IF you are not on God’s side—whatever you are plotting will ultimately fail.  We still marvel at what Carver did with the peanut and saved the economy of the same South that enslaved him.  Washington built Tuskegee brick by brick and taught and wrote about how a person’s character must also be built the same way with God as his (or her) foundation.

     Lastly, for the Black Millennials, Generation Z and Generation A who are trying to go steady with socialism, communism, CRT and BLM. I would invite you to take those tech devices that you are so fond of and look around the world.  Eight out of ten people on this planet are NOT of the Caucasian persuasion.  Further, since life BEGAN in Africa, there is more of Africa in the world, than the world is in Africa.

      Young Black folk—use some of that passion to get REAL reparations owed to our people.  As last word, Randall Robinson estimated in his book The Debt that the total price tag due us from Uncle Sam was in the neighborhood of between $3 to 15 Trillion dollars.  Everyone elsewho was wronged by the federal government over the centuries were paid off…except us!  What got Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated in 1968?  If you knew your history Black Lives Matter, you would know that he was murdered because he was going to have a SECOND march on Washington on the Reparations issue.  King was going to have the march later in 1968.  He was murdered in April 1968.

      Knowing your history, young Black people makes you dangerous.  It will make you a threat to the power brokers.  It WILL mark you for cancellation—or, in some cases—assassination.  Those involved in the power structure first tried to make us inferior.  Now, they have flipped the script and to neutralize young Black folk, they are ‘held’ to be ‘special’.  People are not scared of an ignorant Black protester or social justice warrior.  People FEAR Black folk who know their history—and how to apply it!

      Does this sound like we are inferior stock?  Why is BLM helping the oppressor?  Money, baby, money—and lots of it!  Same thing was done by Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood.  The same thing is done every day on CNN, The View, and MTV.  Only now we have Black sports, entertainment and education clowns who are more than willing to ‘hoodwink’ (thank you, Malcolm) young Black folk (and a few older Black folk) into throwing their history under the bus for ‘gender equity studies’.  In the words of Aretha Franklin: “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”

      Black people built societies without government grants or social handouts.  Sure, some idiots burned them to the ground—but then we rebuilt.  Further, just over a hundred thirty years ago, it was forbidden—under the pain of death—for Black people to be taught how to read and write English.  Nevertheless, many Blacks did learn how to accomplish those tasks.  They used KJV Bibles as their schoolbook.  That’s why our fore parents were wise enough to invent things beneficial to the world without ‘Affirmative Action handouts’.

      So, my young brother, the issue is not Black History is so slow to study.  The true issue is—with all the technology and toys you have at your disposal, how come you can’t keep up with your OWN history?  As a good friend of mine said: “We don’t need ‘hand me down heroes.’”  All we need to do is study the REAL history of our people in REAL history books.  Plenty of REAL heroes exist.  Then apply what you have learned.  The results will amaze you—and many others!  Who knows?  You may even be considered ‘Armed and Dangerous’ to the ignorant.

      Mike Ramey is a Retired Minister, KJV Bible Teacher, syndicated columnist and Bible Prophecy Specialist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Quick Scan” is one of a variety of his columns appearing and abounding in print and cyberspace, written from a biblical, business, and common-sense perspective since 1996.  To drop him a line—or a whine—the address is still the same:  ©2023 Barnstorm Communications International.


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