Years ago, a lie was told, from state to state, that No Fault Divorce would streamline court calendars and make obtaining a divorce fairer and more equitable.  In the nineties, I believe, all 50 states enacted No Fault Divorce laws.  It wasn’t that long before women led the way in ending marriages, jettisoning husbands, and breaking up homes as a sacrament to feminism.  A scant twenty years later, many of their daughters not only put ‘shacking up’ ahead of marriage; they complain that they cannot ‘find’ a husband because of all the baggage associated with easy divorces.  Women got what they wanted—and didn’t like what they got.  Hello?

      Stick with me because this is not going to be a pretty column.  Lest you think I’m uninformed; I write from the perspective of one who remembers each of these lies when they were made public.

      Years ago, a lie was told about the ‘need’ for state-run lotteries.  States—and the voting public– were told by lottery proponents that having a lottery would ‘raise’ money for education, and this lie swept the land.  Many states now have lotteries. Many media organizations were, at first, anti-lottery UNTIL they found out that they could make a lot of money in ad revenue by carrying lottery numbers.  The States soon realized that all that the lottery promised was a lie.  They suffered whopping education expenses because—horrors of horrors—the money from the lottery ‘found’ its way into other sections of many state coffers and the poor—the least who could afford to play—spent their hard-earned money playing the lottery in the ‘dream’ of getting rich.  It turned out to be a hidden tax on the poor—and government workers.  Cases of public corruption among some lottery officials and their political allies soon followed.

      Years ago, a lie was told about Abortion on Demand.  ‘Only in cases of rape or incest’ the voting public was told by groups led by feminists and pro-abortion groups as this lie swept the land.  Abortions were supported by one US Supreme Court and done away with by another—but the damage had been done: More than 65 million aborted babies (an estimated 30% Black, by the way) and MOST of those pursuing abortions (better than 80%–according to published studies) have done so because the mother says the baby would get in the way of her career.

      Years ago, a lie was told that the King James Bible was not ‘up to date’.  Man re-wrote the Bible in his image with weaker versions of the scriptures as this lie swept the land.  Many book sellers gobbled them up and sold them by the dozens.  Many seminaries stopped teaching from the KJV.  Many church leaders stopped believing in the KJV and banned it from churches.  Many Christians stopped obeying this version.  The end results have been obvious; doctrine confusion, churches closing, evangelism programs suspended, more women claiming church pulpits—and brought ‘the alphabet mafia’ with them just like Jezebel.  Sin has—and is–criss-crossing our land.  It has turned out that even before the pandemic Church attendance plummeted and continues in a downward trend.  God will NOT be mocked—or revised.  He says what He means…and means what He says!

      Years ago, a lie was told that demon rum (a.k.a. alcohol) could be ‘controlled’ if the state would levy taxes on its sale and production.  People were mocked for abstaining from drinking as this lie swept the land.  The alcohol coven soon pushed their way into stadiums, the mainstream ‘mess’ and social media. The end results have been very pronounced.  Wine became the ‘breakfast of champions’ by many—especially women—during the recent pandemic.  We have more airtime generated over a white transvestite and beer-drinking and have bypassed drunk driving, alcoholism, underaged drinking and mental instability—items all associated with b-o-o-z-e (that sure spells booze).

      Years ago, a lie was told that Marijuana could be ‘controlled’ by the state through taxation and regulation.  Yes, it could be used to ‘help’ some with medical ailments, but the majority of those who use ‘weed’ have nothing wrong with them—except a desire to ‘turn on and drop out’.  More than half of our states have allowed weed to be sold inside of their borders.  Athletes, social media influencers and entertainment stars are the biggest public boosters of the weed lifestyle.  The war between ‘legal’ weed and ‘illegal’ weed continues to roll on, with children and teens caught in the middle. Traffic fatalities, work-related issues and mental health problems continue to trend upward while our streets are full of those who are homeless, panhandling for the right to their ‘daily high’.

      I’m heading for a close…and I trust that you are catching my drift.

      A few years ago, a lie was told that sportsbook betting on the Internet was ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ and not harmful.  It would help the state if it were properly taxed and regulated.  We have seen the spread of electronic sports gambling being pushed by former sports stars, entertainment figures and Hollywood.  The advertising gurus (the same ones that make alcohol, grass, and illicit, alphabet mafia sex look so appealing) have splashy billboards and electronic ‘Pied Pipers’ trying to entice those who can least afford to gamble online to gamble as this lie sweeps the land.  The jury is still out on the final body count—however, there is one brave group of college students who have banded together to start a program to help their fellow students who have gotten trapped in the sportsbook trap.  Some of these young people were delivered by Jesus Christ and want to spread His message of deliverance.  Expect to see more of them in the future.

      This is just my ‘short list’ of the lies that greed and pride have spawned since the 1970s. New lies are surfacing every day—along with the corruption and misery associated with them.  Folks don’t hit the snooze button.  Satan is known as the father of lies.  In these last days, unfortunately, he has plenty of disciples—and victims!  The KJV Bible warns us to stay alert!  Please don’t fall for these lies—and others—no matter how pretty the product they may be wrapped around.

       Mike Ramey is a Retired Minister, KJV Bible Teacher, syndicated columnist and Bible Prophecy Specialist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Quick Scan” is one of a variety of his columns appearing and abounding in print and cyberspace, written from a biblical, business, and common-sense perspective since 1996.  To drop him a line—or a whine—the address is still the same:  ©2023 Barnstorm Communications International.

Lift up Christ and lay the sinner low. –C. H. Spurgeon


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