Who is This Chick…Really?

Shajuan Simmons, creator and blogger of WITC.

One day long ago and faraway I was sitting in a stylist’s chair. He was going on about the different astrology signs and what each meant. He asked what was my sign, I told him Gemini. And I remember him saying, “Oh! Yeah a Gemini will take someone’s opinion, thought or idea and make it their own.

At the time his opinion didn’t mean much. However, as I consider this now, I wonder how many opinions, thoughts and ideas of those toward me, have I taken and made my own?

I can easily think back to childhood, adolescence and teen years and see the little girl I was then. Struggling to identify herself with one thing or another…

I was either trying to fit the mold or break out of one. And just when I think I’ve finally figured ‘Me‘ out, something else either new or suppressed revealed itself.

Ask me now. Who are you? What do you do? What would you like to do?

I’ve got some well practiced responses for ya, LOL!

Chick moment: I’d get so annoyed with my oldest daughter and her inability to answer these basic questions!

But when I think about it, do any of those questions (or my well practiced responses) truly define WHO I Am? Or are they just representations of who I want people to think I am?

I mean! Who Is This Chick REALLY?


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