Who’s This Chick cont’d…

Not so fast… Yes, the idea of being His beloved daughter and princess sounds nice. But to one who has very little idea of what that looks and feels like, it can be a tad scary. Perhaps even overwhelming.

Father, I know this is who you say I am. But I struggle day to day to receive this. I’m scratching my head to figure out, “How I got here in the first place?” Where did it start? Why is it that I’ve always felt the need to go so far outside of myself to be liked, loved, Accepted? Why wasn’t I ever enough?

I can’t remember exactly when I began listening to that voice. Not sure what made me trust and start believing what it said. But I can clearly see where decisions I’ve made echo its lies. And I now know them to be lies because God’s word has informed me. But knowing doesn’t undo the consequential mess made by those misinformed decisions.

So I stand here looking around like what now, Lord? I heard what you said and I believe it. I can even see the crown You custom designed just for me, in Your hands. But something’s stopping me from taking hold of it.

Lord, I need you to help me with this okay? I truly need to hear your voice louder than the one that has been dominant for so many years.

Who Is This Chick?


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